Found Item: Not a Bot

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Not a Bot
Found on the road.

The Silicon Valley is an echo-chamber of technology companies. One of the many side effects can be seen in vanity license plates on car. Let’s take a look at this one seen today on 101 southbound approaching Palo Alto.

Enhance… Not a Bot
Not a Bot.

In a land where A.I. has been revived as a buzzword to add to all companies, is this some sort of pushback? A reminder that this is not an autonomous vehicle? Maybe this person wants to remind us of their humanity.


Just another computer security worker on their way to work. There are companies popping up everyday attempting to stop and mitigate automated attacks on web sites. Whether there’s a WAF, it’s part of a CDN product, painfully weak and annoying CAPTCHAs, or something else entirely; there’s lots of work going on in this field of security.

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